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Hire Purchase

New or used, it’s your call

Whether you want a brand new – or used – SEAT, Hire Purchase is a great way to get you on the road. It’s simple to set up and structured to be affordable for a range of budgets.

How Hire purchase works

Hire Purchase allows you to evenly spread the cost of your new SEAT into affordable monthly payments. The length of your agreement can be anything from 12 months to five years, and your initial deposit can be as low as one repayment, typically 10% of the vehicle cost.
Once you have made all your payments, your SEAT is all yours!


  • You select the car and a repayment period that suits your budget.
  • You pay an initial deposit to get things started (typically 10%).
  • Your remaining balance was divided equally over the term and after the final payment you will own your SEAT.