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When & Where Should I Purchase a Used Car?

Following on from our article on the best way to purchase a used car, this article goes into further detail on when you should purchase a used car and at which establishment. If you are looking for used cars in Weston, get in touch with our team of used car experts today.


If you have considered all of the relevant aspects of purchasing your car such as the way in which you will fund your vehicle and deciding on your budget - it’s now time to decide when you will purchase your used car. When you decide to purchase your car depends on the cars that are available as well as finding a reputable dealer. This article will help you in deciding when to purchase your used car and where you should decide to go once you have made your decision.


Don’t Rush the Process - It Can Take Some Time to Find Your Ideal Car


Buying cycles for cars can take a few weeks to a month which shows that you do need to take some time when looking for your used car. It’s also important to consider the time in which you are looking to purchase a used car. If you are tactical, there are certain times of the year where used cars are more readily available and can be cheaper or in higher demand in part exchanges so you can use these to have a better choice when you are looking for your first or next used car. We’ve included some examples below:


  • Think about the season in which you are buying your used car. Four-wheel drive vehicles tend to be in more popular demand in the winter months whereas cars such as convertibles can be less in demand in the winter. You can then use this to have more choices when looking for one of these vehicles.

  • March and September tend to be the peak times for the purchasing of new cars. As this can often be done with part exchanges - there will likely be more used cars available.


If you have a highly specific choice of car - it may become more difficult to find the used car that you want. You can either rectify this by constantly keeping an eye on the market, looking at various peak times in the season or broadening your search in terms of the car that suits you. Now that you have considered when it’s best to purchase your used car - the most important question is where should you purchase it?


Avoid Private Car Sales As These Require a Lot of Additional Research


It’s generally recommended to avoid private car sales as you have to do a significant amount of additional research when looking at a car that is being sold privately. You do not have the protection that you have when purchasing from a dealer in terms of warranty and you need to carry out a number of checks ranging from whether the mileage, servicing history and MOT certificates are valid and genuine all the way to concerns such as whether the vehicle itself has been stolen. Car dealerships carry out all of these relevant checks on the vehicle to protect themselves and their clients so it’s highly recommended to visit a reputable dealer such as Holders of Congresbury when you are looking for where to purchase your used car.


Franchise Dealerships - Expert Support & Excellent Guidance as Standard


There are a number of fantastic advantages to expect when visiting a franchise dealership such as Holders of Congresbury. We represent the SEAT franchise, an association that commenced in 1995. 


“In order to represent SEAT and offer local service and maintenance covering ‘All Makes’ Holders of Congresbury employ a staff of around 22, most having been with the company for many years and experienced the changes the business has been through.”


When purchasing from a reputable and well-respected franchise - you get to enjoy the following benefits:


  • Franchises represent the brand therefore they have been hand-selected to work with the relevant group or manufacturer. Franchises also likely have the best quality used cars as standard. The SEAT Approved Process is a great example of this as “all cars are subject to a rigorous Multi-Point Check by our trained SEAT Technicians to ensure that they meet the same exacting standards regardless of source.”

  • Although some franchises specialise more in new vehicles, this is not always the case. We are one of the leading providers of used cars in Bristol and the surrounding areas and have helped many of our clients find their first or next used car at fantastic prices.

  • If you’re looking for a fantastic range of vehicles at great prices, an expert team to support you and vigorous checks on all vehicles that are on offer then we highly recommend that you visit a franchise dealer to find your used car.

Additional Points of Consideration

There’s a number of ways to research the various cars that are available as well as finding which manufacturer or model is best suited to you. It’s important to remember that some manufacturers are parts of a group and therefore design and manufacture models that are fairly similar to each other. This means that if a certain model that you want is not available currently - there may be similar models that aren’t much different in terms of style and specification.


It’s also important to not be afraid to ask for help or advice. We are more than happy to discuss all of the options that are available as well as discuss the best, used cars to suit you. Using our vast amount of experience - we often support our clients by providing them with honest and expert advice. Once lockdown is eased and we start to return to the ‘new normal,’ it’s likely there may be a flurry of activity on the automotive market. It’s therefore really important to carry out your research and be prepared for when lockdown is eased.


If you are looking for used cars in Weston, get in touch with our team of used car experts today.