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Our Used Cars in Weston-Super-Mare

A guide to purchasing a Used car in Weston-Super-Mare

    So you’ve decided to buy a used car in Weston? However, with the massive amount of choice and information that is available, the process can be daunting and you may have a number of questions.

    Here at Holders of Congresbury, we think that buying a used car should be simple and stress-free, so we have created a basic guide to help you in finding your car, whether you are looking for your first or perhaps you are an experienced car buyer.

    Over the years Holders have become known for their extensive choice of used cars offering quality approved SEATs as well as other popular makes. We can use our extensive knowledge to help you choose the perfect car for you. To view our latest selection of used cars in Weston and Bristol enquire online using our contact page. We can source cars if we dont have the one youre looking for.

    Before you start your search understand your needs and requirements.

    Before you start looking for your first or next used car, you will need to think about your needs and requirements. This is fundamental in determining what car will suit you best.


    Some basics that you should consider:


    • Do I want to buy privately or from a dealer?

    • What is my budget?

    • How much will the car cost me to run?

    • What sort of journeys will I be doing?

    • How big or small a car do I really need?


    Should you buy privately or from a dealer?


    Buying a car privately can save you money because the price a private individual will ask will normally be less than a dealer. However, if you buy privately you will have no come-back once you have parted with your money and driven the car away. The seller will have no responsibility if there is a problem with the car. The car is also unlikely to have been properly inspected prior to you collecting it.

    Buying from a reputable dealer, on the other hand, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will have a warranty and can return to the dealer to discuss any problems you discover you may have. Here at Holders of Congresbury we always ensure that each car has been serviced and Mot tested prior to collection, we will attend to advisory items found on the MOT test and any repairs identified during the pre-delivery service.


    Choosing your budget?


    So how much do you want to spend? Do you want to take out a finance agreement?
    Purchasing your car through a dealership can enable you to take out a finance agreement to pay for your new car monthly. Holders of Congresbury are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and all the sales team are certified to be able to clearly explain the different financing options available and provide you with flexible and convenient quotations.

    How about running costs?


    There are a variety of running costs to consider:

    • Road tax. Any car registered from the 1st April 2017 will cost £145 per year to tax. Prior to this the road tax depended on the CO2 emissions level of the car. Many cars, particularly diesel models, cost only £20 or £30 per year to tax. Shop carefully and you can find a car that is both economical and cheap to tax.

    • Insurance. Car insurance costs depend on many factors such as driving history but can be most critical for young drivers.

    • Servicing, maintenance and MOT tests. Regular maintenance is crucial to both ensure your car is reliable and a pleasure to drive. It can help identify and anticipate future maintenance requirements giving you the information required to budget accordingly.

    • Fuel economy. Petrol, diesel or electric, we can advise you of what would suit your driving requirements and guide your choice accordingly.


    What sort of journeys will I be doing?


    The first thing to consider is how many miles will I be doing? If you do a high mileage then you may choose to buy a diesel as it will deliver more miles to each gallon of fuel and save you money in the long run. The latest Euro 5modern engines are considered to be clean and non-polluting with incorporated technology that is designed to protect the environment and reduce harmful emissions.


    What about security during my purchase?


    Buying from a reputable dealer will give you the added peace of mind that the relevant security checks have been carried out. It is important to know that a car has not been subject to an insurance total loss and that the stated mileage is correct. You also need to know the car being considered is actually owned by the person offering it for sale and that there are no outstanding loans taken using the car as security.

    You need to be careful when test-driving a potential purchase. Is it safe and roadworthy? Are you insured to drive the car on a public road, is the seller a safe and competent driver and do they take the time to explain the controls and safety aspects of the car?

    Well, the good news is that you can mitigate the potential dangers of buying the wrong car. Visit a reputable dealership such as Holders of Congresbury, take your time to compare different cars in detail and have your questions answered before committing yourself to a purchase. The car buying process should be a relaxed and safe experience, and long-established businesses with good reputations are a great place to start!