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Holders of Congresbury’s Complaints Procedure (Revised Oct 2017)

Complaints may be made by any reasonable means including telephone, email, letter and in person.

Complaints must be referred to the line manager responsible for the area of complaint and that line manager should advise the Manager Director of the existence of the complaint within 48 hours of receipt.

Complaints must be acknowledged in writing within 3 days of being made if an immediate response is not possible. The complainant must be advised who is dealing with the matter and when they will be advised of progress.

The customer should be regularly updated on the progress of a complaint investigation and if it is not resolved by 2 weeks from the receipt of the complaint, the line manager must send a further holding letter which explains why we are not in a position to fully respond and indicate when you will make further contact.

The SSQMS complaint investigation form should be completed by the investigating manager identifying the nature of the complaint, the outcome of the investigation and any corrective action required to resolve and prevent repetition of the complaint.

The complaint investigation form will be reviewed by the Managing Director and assessed for a fair and reasonable conclusion leading to a satisfactory customer outcome.

An appropriate response will be agreed and the customer must be advised whether we accept the complaint and what redress (if any) we are offering. (This need not be financial compensation, but could be an offer to put something right or simply to apologise).

The customer must also be advised how to pursue the complaint within the company if they are still not satisfied, i.e. complain direct to the Managing Director.

They must be advised in the case of insurance or consumer credit complaints, they can ultimately refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman service and in the case of servicing and repairs, The Motor Ombudsman, if they remain unsatisfied having followed our complaints procedure.

R. D. Jeffrey
Managing Director

Financial Ombudsman Service - www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk
Motor Ombudsman - www.themotorombudsman.org

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